GoPC announced as Finalist in WAiTTA awards

April 16th, 2014


GoPC has been named as a finalist for the 23rd Western Australian Information Technology & Telecommunication Awards (WAiTTA) in the New Products category for its Rainmaker cloud platform.

Rainmaker provides an ultra low-cost alternative from traditional PC/Server networks that reduces Total Cost of Ownership by 70-90% through the delivery of virtual workstation and servers that are built in seconds, future-proofed with continuous automatic upgrades and run on any screen or mobile device.

What makes GoPC’s Rainmaker so unique is that it builds a new virtual machine (VM) every time a user logs in; all software is automatically updated and deployed in seconds to the user. GoPC has also overcome a major virtualization issue known as a “boot storm” and is capable of deploying thousands of new VM’s within minutes.

Graeme Speak, GoPC CEO/Founder said “We are delighted to be a finalist for the WAiTTA New Product Award. It provides recognition of the hard-work and creative energy our whole team has put into the development of GoPC Rainmaker.”


WebOS with PC/Server sophistication and Full Desktop Apps

June 19th, 2013

I’ve been testing the new Rainmaker system for the last month and I’m so excited about how smooth the new experience is.  This is an incredible new technology and removes all the obstacles to adoption which hampered our earlier users.

I’m running my full suite of desktop applications and accessing 200 Gb of data files and email, with a completely normal desktop experience – and its running within a web browser tab.  It is so cool and smooth to experience. Exactly the same as using a normal PC desktop with my favorites and personalised settings.

There is literally no downloads anymore, unless you are on a very slow link and need higher performance.  You can create your virtual machine with a click.  Power users can select a different operating environment or Linux distribution.   The applications you’ve selected are downloaded and installed as you watch.  And these are all the current versions as at that moment in time.

I can take over control of the desktop running within my web browser from my mobile phone.  It’s current up to the last key stroke.  I can then switch to my tablet or Mac.   Printing has been perfected and now uses the local drivers and printers configured on my physical machine.  It’s easy and reliable.   I even logged in to help a customer and printed out a document to the printer in his office on the other side of the city.

This is exactly what the Web Operating Systems (WebOS) were promissing a few years ago but could never deliver.  The dream was idea but they disappeared because it was impossible to replicated the sophistication of a proper PC/Server environment without a billion lines of code being rewritten.   Rainmaker however is delivering this right now within the web brower.  It looks and feels exactly like a WebOS system. Or you can just run it on any device your holding with the full functionality to work with your normal document files like  .xls, .doc, .ppt, .pdf, .jpg, etc.

We are releasing Rainmaker to customers this month and hoping for a general release to the market on the 1st of July. It’s a very exciting time and the most significant technological advancement since our first release in 2005.

Graeme Speak

Future-proof your IT

May 13th, 2013

The biggest cost burden in IT is solved by the next innovation from GoPC cloud, codenamed Rainmaker.

Industry analysts like Gartner Research and IDC for years have documented the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for a workstation is 4-5x its original purchase price. These hidden costs come from Maintenance and Support over the life of the machine.  This ratio is getting worse as the cost of workstation hardware and operating systems reduce.  Most small to medium enterprises (SME’s) normally don’t implement the technologies to manage large groups of users cost efficiently.

GoPC Rainmaker’s unique innovation are a first for the industry.  It breaks the cycle of ongoing maintenance and software upgrade costs. An organisations IT investment if Future-Proofed from the day it commences which cuts IT costs instantly.   The IT system guarantees each user is always running the very latest.   The supercomputing technology we’ve implemented enables GoPC to scale with linear performance matching growth to multi-Petabyte or even Exabyte scale.

This provides huge advantages for any size organisation, small or large, because it minimises the really big costs of IT – the hidden TCO of every workstation.

Major upgrade: Zimbra version 8.0

May 5th, 2013

An incredible example of the power in the new infrastructure was demonstrated this weekend when we ran the upgrade of the Zimbra email system.  To put it in perspective this has been a project in the making for 18 months and was bottlenecked by the potential outage of up to 2-3 days. We simply have millions of files which need to be upgraded and this takes real time on any computer system.  It was a significant factor driving the recent infrastructure upgrade to Infiniband and Ceph which we completed last month.

The first process we ran last night, which last week took over 12 hours, completed in just 15 minutes. It seemed incredible.  We then launched the upgrade of all the mailstores and the entire processing was completed within 3 hours.  We had not been able to estimate it accurately and were preparing for a potential 2-3 day outage.  The new infrastructure was really getting a full workout and performed brilliantly.

This new platform now provides a foundation on which to support our growth with the imminent release of GoPC Rainmaker in a few weeks time.   The new Zimbra 8.0 is an an important package for all of our business customers. It is a tier-1 email and collaboration system that replaces a conventional MS Exchange Server.

The GoPC Team

Infiniband and supercomputing

April 29th, 2013

GoPC’s infrastructure has undergone a massive upgrade over the last few months.  We are now running on Infiniband, a network backbone technology used in supercomputing.  Each cable in the network carries 40x more capacity than previously and with multiple cables running into each physical machine the result is an ultra high-speed network fabric.

New storage arrays have been installed.  Each has large RAM disks to support rapid transaction speeds.   The RAM disks run in-line with ultra-fast solid state disks, which in turn run in-line with the physical disk array.  We have implemented a cutting edge file system technology called Ceph which distributes customer data across multiple disks and across multiple storage arrays in parallel.  It provides very high redundancy with very high speed, guarding against issues like hard disk failures or even an entire physical storage array failure.

New servers have been implemented for hosting virtual machines with more density of RAM and CPU’s than ever before.

It has been a massive upgrade and being cutting edge has had many complications.  The result however is fantastic and gives plenty of headroom for growth as we prepare to roll out Rainmaker next month.

The GoPC Team

Network Status Monitor

January 29th, 2013

A major hardware upgrade is taking place over January – February 2013. We have created a Network Status Monitor page outside our network for customers quick reference, in case any system issues occur.

We recommend customer’s bookmark the Network Status Monitor address for easy reference:

The GoPC Team

Rainmaker: will include “Android virtual machine”

January 10th, 2013

The GoPC Rainmaker project team have decided to include Android in the first release, along with 5 other Linux UI derivatives tailored to suit other device screen sizes.

It will run within a web page and so be accesssable from any PC browser, or even an iPad/iPhone.  If the customer has a Google account or an existing Android device it will synchronise with this and can be configured as a replica of their existing device.

We expect this to be released in 1st quarter of 2013.

The GoPC “Rainmaker Cloud” project team.

Project Rainmaker – where Users create their own cloud (desktops, applications, virtual machines)

November 19th, 2012

If cloud simplifies IT then why is a computer science degree needed to use Amazon or Rackspace?

Announcing Project Rainmaker:   GoPC is preparing for the release of another ground breaking technology called Rainmaker which empowers the business owner and end-user to create their own customised IT solution.  From a simple menu of choices a customer can create their own desktop profile, virtual machine and install applications with a click.

Rainmaker brings the cloud down to earth by putting IT in the hands of the business owner or end user.   It reduces the IT industry as we know it into to a simple menu of choices which are then implemented with a click.

We are really excited about this upcoming release.  It is the next generation in the evolution of cloud technology and it commoditises IT to the point where an end-user can configure their own sophisticated PC desktop/Server network and deploy it with a click.

Watch for updates on the upcoming release date.
The GoPC Team

VPS (Virtual Private Servers) for Unix or Microsoft

October 29th, 2012

Customers can now set up dedicated Virtual Private Servers (VPS) which may be integrated with, or separate from, their GoPC network.

The GoPC customer Dashboard allows you to create a new VPS, add CPU’s, RAM, allocate storage, choose automated backup and IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. The system can be configure with Linux operating system or Microsoft Wndows Server and additional packages. The GoPC Appstore will detect the presence of the Microsoft server and provide options for additional Microsoft software packages which can be rented on a simply monthly basis without lockin.

The VPS system has been in beta operation since mid 2011 and is now released to the broad GoPC customer base. Customers are invited to speak with our support team to discuss special requirements or have assistance with provisioning.

The GoPC Team

Share your GoPC file system with others

October 25th, 2012

This morning we released a highly sought feature – the ability to share your file server storage volumes with other external GoPC customers, even FREE trial customers.

This is ideal for businesses with multiple branch offices, franchisees where each business unit is a separate entity with its own GoPC network, and for individuals who want to create an online file server or online storage volume which can be accessed by a broader group of individuals.  Users can access the GoPC from their PC workstation, Mac, Android tablet or using an sFTP client or web browser.   It works like a normal file server rather than synchronising all the data across every device.  The owner of the storage volume controls security access rights.

GoPC business customers have always been able to manage their own internal users security access rights.  This is now extended to be able to invite other GoPC customers who manage the access rights of their own individual users.

The GoPC Team